This course is designed to support fire protection technicians required to complete six-monthly and yearly inspections and test procedures to verify that hydrant systems function as intended.

The course involves working safely, conducting compliance tests, visually inspecting, identifying non-compliance defects, fulfilling mandatory reporting requirements, as well as isolating and resetting the hydrant system.

Duration: 4 hour workshop
Cost: $595 per person    NOW $525 per person
Components: Face-to-face intensive training and assessment
Location: Perth
Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites

CPPFES2037 – Inspect and test fire hydrant systems Course Overview

This course supports fire protection technicians responsible for functional testing of water-based fire protection systems.

The course does not apply to water supply proving tests on hydrant systems, or inspection and testing functions associated with pressure-reducing equipment in high rise buildings, fire pumpset systems or water supply tanks.

Fire protection technicians are trained to operate within the scope of their defined roles and responsibilities and perform the inspections and testing as part of their work duties to verify that equipment functions as intended, according to work procedures and Australian standards.

The CPPFES2037 – Inspect and test fire hydrant systems is delivered as follows:

4 hour workshop comprised of face-to-face training with theory and practical assessments in a classroom setting. Throughout the workshop participants will be exposed to simulated workplace practical scenarios, preparing to conduct fire equipment inspection.

The fire protection training package has recently been updated and to meet the expansion of the assessment requirements for the unit of competency, we have included a workplace logbook to be completed post-course. Below is the list of additional items to be completed in the logbook:

  • yearly  inspection  and  test  procedures  on  14  fire  hydrant  systems  installed  across  nine different  sites

Additional training to help the participant meet the requirements of the course will be available.  Participants will receive support during the course as needed.  PTI also makes themselves available to the students for workplace support within the scope of training.  There may be an extra cost associated.

CPPFES2037 – Inspect and test fire hydrant systems

Participants are required to speak and write in English along with good literacy and numeracy skills.  Participants will need to be able to read and write detailed reports. The ability to communicate complex skills to other participants is a requirement to meet the course requirements.
Participants needing support will receive the needed help. Extra support may incur further costs to the participant.

Physical capacity
Have a good level of fitness to be able to conduct good manual handling techniques. You should be able to safely pick up 20kg and conduct 10 minutes of mild continuous exercise.

Drivers License
Have a valid or the equivalent of an Australian drivers license.


Notification of cancellation or transfer

All cancellations, transfers, or variations to face to face course bookings must be received in writing by emailing Client Services.


Cancellations – a student withdraws from a course.

Minimum Notice Periods                     *where “working days” means Monday to Friday
Course Type Full Refund of Course Fee 50% Refund of Course Fee No Refund of Course Fee
Half or full day courses 2 working days Not applicable <2 working days
Longer courses (2+ days) 7 working days 4-6 working days <3 working days
Online courses If course not commenced Not applicable Once course commenced


Transfers – a student changes to a different course date.

Minimum Notice Periods                      *where “working days” means Monday to Friday
Course Type No Charge 50% Refund of Course Fee 100% Charge of Course Fee
Half or full day courses 2 working days Not applicable <2 working days
Longer courses (2+ days) 7 working days 4-6 working days <3 working days


Substitutions – a student is no longer able to attend and the employer sends another person instead.

An alternate learner may be substituted for a face-to-face course prior to the commencement of a course at no additional cost.

(Applies if there is no prerequisite online component)



If a learner fails to attend a course, no refund will be payable. A voicemail message on PTI answering service, outside of business hours on the day before the course, is not accepted as a notification of cancellation.

If a learner is sick on the day of their course and can support this with a medical certificate, they will be transferred to an alternate date at no charge.

If the learner has failed to attend due to any other reason no refund will be payable, but a course transfer may be granted at the discretion of the Administration Manager.


Course Cancellation by PTI

In the event that PTI, or any third party delivering training and assessment on its behalf, closes, cancels, or ceases to deliver for any reason, a course or part of a course that a learner is enrolled in, a refund of fees paid for services not provided will be given to the learner by PTI. Learners who have already been assessed as competent for some units will be issued a Statement of Attainment for these units and the costs of issuing the Statement(s), including training, assessment and administration fees, will be deducted from the refund total.

PTI also reserves the right to cancel any course if insufficient registrations are received. Should this occur, those who registered will be notified and their course fees refunded in full or they will be transferred to another course. PTI will not be liable for any claims arising from course cancellation.


Exceptional Circumstances

PTI aims to be flexible and accommodating and recognises that in some cases there are exceptional circumstances where a charge may not be incurred. This discretion applies to cancellations, transfers, and non-attendance, as listed above. Exceptional circumstances could include serious illness or injury, death in the family.