StatPacks G3 Responder


StatPacks G3 Responder Product Details:

  • The unique design allows access to the cells from the top or front of the medical pack
  • Specifically designed for the StatPacks cell system it accommodates all StatPacks Cells and Modules
  • A tarpaulin bottom panel offers protection from abrasion and the elements
  • The foam-molded shoulder straps allow for comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment
  • Internal velcro lining strips to secure modules or other velcro-compatible items
  • Side pockets for easy access to diagnostic instruments, bandages, and smaller medical equipment
  • Main fabric is Tarpaulin with a 28g urethane coating for an easier clean and protection from the elements and bodily fluids
  • Available colour: Red
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StatPacks G3 Responder

The StatPacks G3 Responder is a large-sized street pack for clinicians who carry more. Boxy and compact, with ergonomic straps and handles. The unique design keeps your shoulder straps off the ground when you’re accessing contents. Internally, StatPacks G3 Cells are stacked neatly and securely in many different configurations. This pack accommodates the StatPacks QuickRoll Intubation, Circulatory and Remedy Kits, as well as the stackable cellular system. The aluminum track creates a bomb-proof secure point for the shoulder straps that allows for comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment. Up to 4 of the G3 Cells will fit inside as this, being our largest-sized medical pack.

Additional information

Weight 2.722 kg
Dimensions 7 × 46 × 74 cm


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