StatPacks G3 Quickroll Intubation Kit


  • Contents are not included
  • The innovative roll-out design is compact, yet quickly reveals well-organized airway supplies and tools
  • Clear internal durable urethane pockets allow quick identification of contents
  • Organises laryngoscope, blades, as well as intubation tubes, syringes and forceps
  • Holds Oral Pharyngeal Airways / Nasal Pharyngeal Airways and gloves
  • Separate velcro closure that holds a 10ml syringe
  • Single-buckle closure opens quickly, revealing all airway control tools
  • Available Colours: Red and Tactical Black


StatPacks G3 Quickroll Intubation Kit

The StatPacks G3 Quickroll Intubation Kit is a lightweight, compact, minimalistic approach to carrying airway equipment. This module is designed to organise basic or advanced airway equipment for intubation or basic airway adjunct procedures. The singe-buckle closure allows fast, one-handed access. The fact it rolls up makes it very quick to access and stow. This is a perfect accessory intubation kit for any StatPacks back pack.

Additional information

Weight 0.313 kg
Dimensions 13 × 26 × 21 cm

Red Black


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