Extinguisher Identification Signage (CO2) – Metal


190mm x 190mm

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Always ensure the location signage of your Carbon Dioxide or CO2 fire extinguisher is clearly identified with the appropriate signage. This metal sign will identify the designated location of a CO2 fire extinguisher.  Clearly marking the location of the fire extinguisher will ensure the likelihood of being found in an emergency.

With the appropriate training, a fire extinguisher can prohibit further fire damage by providing you an opportunity to extinguish the flames with the correct fire extinguisher.  it important that you have determined the potential risk factors of the fire and it’s location before continuing to extinguish a fire.   Once the fire has been smothered and render it safe from causing further destruction, you should still continue to call the fire department for further assistance.

Should you like training on how to use a fire blanket and fire extinguishers, PTI offers a nationally recognised course delivered by professional firefighters that will teach you how to assess the risk and fight fires safely.  For more information on this course please CLICK HERE.

All fire extinguisher signage is required to be installed and maintained by a qualified person and in accordance with Australian Standard AS1851.  PTI also offers a number of courses that allows you to test and tag fire extinguishers and blankets.  For more information on our courses please CLICK HERE.

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